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Carrying Tray

Carrying Tray

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Ideal for transporting the smaller boards from the Starter Set, but it acts as a larger serving board too. Eighteen magnets decorate the entire perimeter, allowing the smaller boards to click into place anywhere.

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  • Material and Dimensions

    It's made with the same eco-friendly bamboo wood as the boards in the Starter Set, and it measures roughly 15.5" (39cm) across, and 7/8" (2cm) in height.

  • More than just a Carrying Tray

    Sure, it can conveniently hold the smaller boards for easy transport, but it's also a large serving board in itself. Plus, the magnetic sides allow you to branch off its edges with the smaller boards.

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What does it carry exactly?

Let's say you were bringing charcuterie to a friend's house while using our smaller boards from the Starter Set. The Carrying Tray allows you to create your ensemble with the smaller boards, then place them onto the Carrying Tray for easy transport.

Of course, you can use the Carrying Tray as a board in itself. Plus, it has magnetic sides so that the smaller boards can click right in too, to create an even larger display.

Lots of options.

How big is it?

It measures roughly 15.5" (39cm) across, and 7/8" (2cm) in height.

Can I put it through the dishwasher?

No. Handwash only please.

How do I re-nourish the bamboo wood?

We recommend CLARK'S Bamboo Cutting Board Mineral Oil.