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Starter Set

Starter Set

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Modular & magnetic serving boards that unlock your creative side. Ideal for serving charcuterie and snacks, whether you're hosting a party or going to one. Don't be surprised when they become the talk of the table.

Included in The Starter Set

  • 7 bamboo boards
  • 2 half-hexagon bowls
  • 2 cheese slates

All coming in a unique gift-worthy box.

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  • Materials and Dimensions

    Made from ethically-sourced bamboo from SE Asia, where it naturally grows the best, each board varies in colour from the next. At 5.5 inches in diameter, they're big enough for blocks of cheese and meats, yet small enough to arrange in whatever formation you can imagine.

  • Magnetic Magic

    Like kids magnetic tiles, but for adults. Each smaller board has a magnet on its side, letting you built whatever shaped fortress your heart desires.

  • Slates and Bowls

    Each Starter Set includes 2 half hexagon bowls and 2 cheese slates, allowing you to serve just about anything. They slide seamlessly into the recessed areas of any bamboo board.


How big are they?

Each bamboo board is roughly 5.5" (14cm) in diameter and 7/8" (2cm) high.

Can I put them through the dishwasher?

You could, but you'd destroy them. Hand wash only, please!

How do I re-nourish the bamboo wood?

We recommend CLARK'S Bamboo Cutting Board Mineral Oil. You can use this oil on the cheese slates too to make them more uniformly black.